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The mission of United Karate Concepts is the constant striving towards the perfecting of the mind and body, while seeking to serve God with a dedicated soul and loving heart for our fellow man.


The goal of this self-defense system is to build a compassionate, loving warrior; one who is not afraid to deal with conflict, yet humble and honorable enough to serve God.

Senka Te students and black belts are trained to be loving, compassionate human beings, not only training the body and mind for discipline and combat, but a soul that belongs to God and servitude for His Son, Jesus Christ.  

Even the very patch we wear, symbolizes the Holy Trinity, with the cross at the center, representing that Christ is the center of our art.   




Our Goal is to make sure that those who attend any UKC function, are exposed to the gospel and knowledge of Jesus Christ through the actions of UKC’s leaders and members.


We also strive for revival and revitalization of our own members.  Living in this world, on a daily basis when trouble comes at you and you want to respond in a like manner or negative way, take a breath and think of yourself as always having the living water within you to quench your thirst, which means always being full and fulfilled.


It means responding to the world or even each other with the life giving, refreshing spirit that God has placed in us. When we got saved we were changed.  We are different.


 We are blessed!




We can develop our bodies and our minds for peak performance, agility and skill; but unless you know Him, it is for naught.


It is only through the strength of Jesus Christ that we are able to triumph.  Even if our bodies and applied systems fail us, we can rest assured that in our infirmity, He will be with us and provide all of the power that we need for the moment.


United Karate Concepts exists to glorify Jesus Christ.  We are here to bring honor and reverence to our Creator, by strengthening the “temple,” while fortifying the spirit.


To God Be The Glory!


The Plan!  Yes ~ There is a Plan!


To bring together all the elements required for a sound body, mind and spirit, the very first step is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ died for each one of us and all you have to do is repent of your sins and ask Him into your heart.                    


The staff of UKC would welcome the opportunity to show you how you can be saved; or if you are saved, how you can recommit your life to Christ.   There is nothing more important or vital for you today, than to get this settled.  

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