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Master Jon Bardin, 5th Dan
UKC Board Member, Senka Te Council & Senior Instructor

Master Bardin has been associated with the United Karate Concepts organization since he was a young boy.  

He has grown to be an outstanding martial artist, as well as a fine example for blackbelts and students to follow.


Renshi Bardin is a 5th Degree Blackbelt in Senka Te Karate Do.


He also achieved Nung Khan - Black Sash in Warhand Muay Thai in 2017.

Master Bardin continues to train with Grand Master Haney in SWARM, War Hand Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Knife Fighting and is a very proficient stick fighter.  He is also a certified Warrior Elite Blackbelt and is one of the top instructors in this organization.  

He is married to fellow student, Sensei Sarah Bardin.  They have 2 beautiful daughters, Abbey and Lily!


Master Bardin serves in his local church and is a dedicated Christian. He is a prime example of the Bushido warrior, serving God while living his art.

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