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Founder and Chief Instructor

The Senka Te Karate Do Self Defense system was founded by Grandmaster Leonard Haney.  Grandmaster Haney has over 3 decades of experience in the field of martial arts, during which he has extensively studied the combat arts that make up the Senka Te system.  These arts include:  Karate (both Japanese and American), Kung Fu, Kenpo, Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, as well as Filipino Martial Arts and Kali/Escrima (stick & knife fighting), Hapkido and Silat.


He also teaches tactical edged weapons as well as combat shooting and is a certified instructor in one of the most brutal and effective martial arts on the planet, Muay Thai.  He is also a certified personal trainer, bootcamp and kickboxing instructor.  


His dream and ultimate goal was to create a self-defense system that had useful elements of many styles merged into one; while simutaneously evolving and remaining on the cutting edge of modern martial arts.


After many years of training, dedication and discipline; the year 2017 saw major milestones achieved in his career. He was promoted to  8th Dan Blackbelt and attained the honored title of Grandmaster.


He was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters World Hall of Fame on November 3, 2011.  The induction came from a board of 11 Grandmasters and the Martial Arts Masters Association.  This same board, after reviewing his career, curriculum and the entire United Karate Concepts organization, also presented Master Haney with the Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes his years of training, teaching and his relentless pursuit to spread the martial arts throughout his life and career.  


If that was not enough, the Senka Te Karate System was established as a martial arts system "Ryu," which gives the art validity, honor and recognition worldwide, with a legacy lasting forever.


Master Haney enjoys a rich personal life, as well.  He has been married for 33 years and his children, Sensei Dalton and Sempai Leandria continue the martial arts family tradition.  They are both married to wonderful spouses and the best additions to the family are the three grandchildren continuing the legacy!

In conclusion, Master Haney continues to train and teach, giving honor, glory and all respect to the One True Master, Jesus Christ for with Him, everything is possible.

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